Hi! Thanks for checking out Honeycomb Baby Goods! This little shop of mine grew out of my absolute love for creating and designing with my hands and the need for a stylish solution for my Little One's desire to chew on everything in site. Every necklace I wore ended up in my son's mouth, so I wanted to make products that appealed to his sore gums and my personal style.

As my business grew, I knew that I wanted to find new materials to create my products in a way that was more eco-friendly and sustainable. That is when I started incorporating our Organic Cotton Ties into our necklaces. Not only are they soft and beautiful, but they are dyed with plants and vegetables by an amazing group of women in India which is able to provide them with well-paying jobs. 

Mothering babies is a special season, but it can also be easy to feel as though we are losing ourselves a little in the process. My hope is that our products will not only be practical, but also bring a little bit of YOU back into your life. 

- Kim

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